March 14, 2010 -- 4:38 PM


Hi. Here's some of my screenplay. Enjoy:




It's two years from now, and our population has literally exploded, forcing our armies and militaries to build more buildings under the direction of President Obama. But our world is covered with weapons to the point where it's like the Triangular Trade route all over again, ever since the US made peace with Switzerland, Belgium, and France. They started the Interstellar Travel Commision, with their first vehicle being the ISV Galactic Star, a big interstellar transporter powered by iron, ore, and antimatter engines fueled by Undontonium. They gave the Scientific Development Administration permission to develop such many weapons and laboratories and complexes and headquarters. Now, our world is industrialized with weapons, and there's not a building you would go to without seeing a perimeter-mounted ABS-22A Automated Sentry gun standing tall and awake. Back to James. Now, James Bruce Tennyson was a billionare with three kids, William, Scott, and Jennifer. William was tall, handsome, and always looking for adventure. One wall of his room, all nine feet, was covered by a massive flat-screen and a desk filled with science fiction toys, collectibles, and movies. His room smelled of cologne. Another half of the desk was filled with childhood "junk", chemistry sets, various candies and cookies, video games, game systems, jet models, multiple posters of the "world hottest women" , movies, several Rubik's Cubes from all over the world, and a large glass case containing Leo, his pet tuatara. Somehow this was all neat. Jennifer's room was decorated with multiple Rob Dydrek and Robert Pattinson posters, a large mirror, a library, DNA scanner, webcam, and various collectibles from her early childhood, a typical teen's room. Scott's room was the most awesome of all, and was a cross between a mini-library, restuarant, den, and room. The desk was identical to William's, the walls were freshly painted, a Great Leonopteryx and two Mountain Banshee toys hung on the ceiling, movie and hockey posters hung from the walls, and the shelves were stocked with books, board games, dictionaries, encyclopedias, chapter books, Harry Potter books, Cristopher Paolini books, and activist Survival Guides to sci-fi films. James' room was clean also. James gets a call from his brother, Parker. He tells James and his family to pack up and arrive at the Transtropical Sector since he is now with the SCIENTIFIC DEVELOPMENT ADMINISTRATION (SDA).This is an international quasi-governmental organization that specializes in weaponry and interstellar colonozation and travel. Their primary objective is to explore and study other possible planets within the Alpha Centauri system. The SDA had an official charter from the Interstellar Travel Commision to explore and not exploit other planets, suns, moons, meteors, asteroids... as long as the weaponry is actually protective. James arrives with his kids at the Transtropical Sector. There, an Aerospatiale C-21 Swanson helicopter is waiting for them. the two guys there in black suits tell James that his brother had been working with one of the top appointed organizations selected by the government...........


That's a little bit. Now, I bought myself James Cameron's Avatar: An Activist Survival Guide. I can't wait to watch Alice in Wonderland: An IMAX 3D Experience. There's the Cheshire Cat, The Caterpillar, The Red Queen, The White Queen, The Bandersnatch, The Mad Hatter, Jabberwocky, White Rabbit, Dormouse, Dodo, Tweedledee and Tweedledum, March Hare, and the Bloodhound. Anyway, I'll hit you guys back later. See ya.

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