January 30, 2010 - 10:00 am


Sup? I had a pretty good Friday. My sister says i'm addicted to Avatar, but today I'm attending my best friend Josh's birthday and giving him the AMP Suit to start off his collection. Today, I plan to by myself two Direhorse figures, and RDA administrator Parker Selfridge. I'm gonna give the i-Tag for the second Direhorse to my friend as a gift. Anyway, I just found out that the Direhorse Bio-Lume, AMP Suit Utility, Sean Fike Bio-Mask, and Tsu-tey's Banshee most recently came out. I don't like Neytiri too tough, but her Bio-Lume i-Tag activates a Hexapede, and I love Hexapedes. I just need Parker Selfridge, Jake Sully, Great Leonopteryx, Jake's Banshee, Direhorse and Thanator. Oh, and where going to have a "Who's Hotter?" contest soon, and the one chick with most votes earns a rank on the SCIFI Wiki Board of Hotties I'll be working on. I'll try to install video on the site and make a little more links. But anyway, this is supposed to be my opinion on Avatar, so here I go:


Avatar (PG-13)

by Jetfire606

Jetfire606: Four Stars

Avatar is Twentieth Century Fox and Lightstorm Entertainment's latest project from director James Cameron. James Cameron is a man who knows properly how to spend his $300 million. Avatar is not just a sensational form of entertainment, but a technological breakthrough in filmmaking. Set in 2154, Avatar is a science-fiction 3-D epic about a paraplegic ex-Marine named Jake Sully who is recruited by the Resources Development Administration [RDA] to explore Pandora, a natural satellite moon of the planet Polyphemus. Pandora is a planet filled with lush jungles, exotic lifeforms, and an extraterrestrial race of blue-skinned aliens called the Na'vi that are about 10 feet tall and have golden eyes. The RDA wants to mine a vauluable mineral on Pandora called Unobtainium, which sells at 20 million per kilo and is the key to Earth's energy crisis. Pandora's atmosphere is composed of nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide, xenon, ammonia, methane and hydrogen cyanide. Only the Pandoran life can breath this, so then RDA scientists create Avatars, genetically engineered Na'vi bodies controlled by human minds that are stored in Amino Tanks before the driver turns into an Avatar. While the Avatar is exploring Pandora, the driver remains in a stasis pod in a trance/sleep-like state. The creatures on Pandora are six-legged, except for the creatures that fly. These include the Direhorse, Hammerhead Titanothere, Hexapede, Thanator, and Viperwolf. The creatures of the air include the Great Leonopteryx, Mountain Banshee, Tetrapteron, and Forest Banshee. If your Avatar is killed, your human body is fine. Pandora is not bothering the humans but yet we employ rockets, autocannons, gunships, VTOL helicopters, space shuttles, and exoskeleton suits. Somehow the US government lets this happen, and you can have your own
Pandora moon Avatar
political opinions on it. Cameron obviously does. Jake begins as a good soldier then eventually falls in love with a young Na'vi named Neytiri, much to the dimay of hardened, triple-scarred Colonel Miles Quaritch, who believes that every living thing outside that fence that walks, flies, crawls, and wallows in the mud all day long wants to take Jake's eyes out and eat them for jujubes. At 163 minutes, the film doesn't feel too long. It contains so much. The human stories. The Na'vi stories, for the Na'vi are also developed as individuals. Then, things get hot when it's Scorpion Gunships, Samsons, Dragon Assault Ships and AMP suits vs. Direhorses, bows and arrows, and Banshees. The films deliver pulse-pounding and emotional sequences that are sure to fill the excitement into global audiences. Something new, something that no one has seen before, floating mountains, ATV's, mechs, twin-rotor helicopters, it's just a sci-fi dream come true. Cameron has used his talent wisely. He is once again King of the World. He is just great at what he does, how he does it, his films are astonishing. Small graceful details like a floating creature that looks like a cross between a blowing dandelion seed and a drifting jellyfish. Bioluminescene everywhere. Cameron promised he'd unveil the next generation of 3-D in Avatar. It takes a man a lot of nerve to stand up proudly to the 2010 Golden Globe Awards. Cameron just got re-elected.

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