"Face the eternal glory of Jetfire!"

A skilled warrior back in his day, Jetfire was a Decepticon. Also a Seeker deployed by The Fallen to locate the Solar Harvester,a machine of unlimited power that destroyed suns in order to harvest Energon. Before Jetfire could get the memo,The Fallen left Jetfire on that "godforsaken planet". Having nothing left to do, Jetfire scanned a SR-71 Blackbird and went into stasis lock for fifty years.In 2009, He was located by Wheelie at the Steven Udar F-Hazy Air and Space Museum Annex in Washington D.C.| The Allspark shard re-animated Jetfire. Before the old timer could transform,Sam, Mikela,Leo,Simmons and Wheelie ran for cover when they saw the Decepticon insignia on him. When he teleported Mudflap, Skids, Leo, Sam, Mikela, Wheelie, Bumblebee and Simmons to Egypt,He told them about how The Fallen came to be and told them to go and find the Decepticons before they find them. Later during the final battle in Cairo, Jetfire participates and slices up Mixmaster in half. Scorponok wounds him badly but he crushes the arachnid to death. When Optimus Prime is revived, Jetfire hardly beileves he is seeing a Prime and sacrifices himself. Jetfire's parts are fused together with Optimus Prime. Giving the Autobot the power to kill The Fallen. When Optimus finds The Fallen, he tears off his helmet and smashes his face against the Egyptian pillars,killing him. He also rips half of Megatron's face off,chops his arm, and Starscream permanently has his left arm cut off. Optimus then discards Jetfire's parts. It is unknown what happened to Jetfire' parts.

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