12/28/09 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Hi, members! First thing's first, even though it's late, Merry Christmas! Now,my relatives came over for Christmas, like my brother, sister, dad, mom, and aunt. Later on, I treated my aunt and sister to see Disney's The Princess and the Frog. It's actually pretty good, minus the fact that Charlotte La Bouff is zoinkers, and technically one part of her life is summed up in one sentence: " Daddy, please, please, please, please, PLEASE!" Anyway, I got my dad a massage chair. Five days before, I took my buddy Joshua to the movies to see Avatar in RealD 3D. 152 minutes of sheer awesomeness. My favorites were the AT-99 RDA Scorpion Gunship, Leonopteryx, Direhorse, Samson Helicopter, and Amplified Mobility Platform [AMP] suit. Evidently, my sister ended up getting me the toy of the AMP suit, and I was shocked. I also bought myself ROTF Leader Class Jetfire, ROTF Human Alliance Sideswipe, ROTF Deluxe Class Mudflap, and ROTF Deluxe Class Skids. Today, I'm gonna go out and by myself the AT-99 Scorpion Gunship, then go and visit my aunt and spend the night. I guess the reason I want Avatar toys so much is because they are so smoking hot and each comes with an interactive personnel i-Tag card, which the user uploads the program onto their desktop, then turns on their webcam and holds the i-Tag infront of the webcam pressing their hand onto either three icons on the i-Tag, which projects a three-dimensional model that you can play around with and acess stats and info. By next year, I'll get the RDA Grinder, and maybe some creatures. I need the i-Tag for the G.A.V. Swan, which is a freaking amazing vehicle. I got Colonel Miles Quatritch, whose i-Tag activates a C-21 Dragon Assault Ship, to go inside the cockpit of the AMP suit.  Secretly, I'm working on a sci-fi script titled Chromastone Evolutions, inspired off of Chromastone, an extraterrestrial from Ben 10: Alien Force. I want Roland Emmerich to direct it and James Cameron, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bay to produce it. It's about a billionare industrialist named James Tennyson who has three kids: William, Jennifer, and his adopted son, Scott. One day, a government strike orginization attacks the house, tranquilizing James, Scott, and William. Scott gets knocked out during the attack. Later on, his DNA is destabilized and he is slimmer. His genetic code is reconstructed, so is his skeleton. He then transforms into Chromastone, due to the object implanted in his chest and the formula used to knock him out. Then, the Terrainbots land on Earth and meet up with Scott and his family telling them Vilgax is on the move and will stop at nothing to get the object Scott has: the Hexapod. Then all the action begins from Cardinals [ An ATV vehicle with treads, six wheels, multiple guns, and six missiles] vs.massive Destructicon Dirge to Tetrax vs. Vilgax.  I most recently got a new Xbox 360, got Call of Duty 4, Night at the Museum 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, and Tiger Woods '09, and streamed a two movies from Netflix . Anyway, see you guys later!

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