Hi, guys. I just wanted to show you some of my new ideas for Chromastone Evolutions. These are all technology operated by the SDA [Scientific Development Administration], AWC [American Weapons Commision], and NEST [Network Essentials: Soldiers and Terrainbots]. The SVA [Stratospheric Vehicles Administration] is an American administration focusing on the production of shuttlecraft and interstellar transportation vehicles used by Sonar's Gate, such as the Scorpion shuttlecraft.


Developed by NEST, the Lockheed-Martin AT-98 Hornet Gunship is a VTOL ducted-fan twin-rotored helicopter designed for backup fire for the SDA (Scientific Development Administration) and AWC (American Weapons Commision) military forces. It is a TAV (trans-atmospheric vehicle). Inside the cockpit, two screens of glass on each side colored blue show all the stats such as radar, FLIR, and speed. There are two pylons near the cockpit, one one the left and another on the right. On each pylon is two rotary .50 caliber Cobra 60mm chain guns. It has sonar generators and active flux shielding. It is powered by ducted-fan rotor systems with a total of four 3-bladed prop-rotors. Twin Sikorsky HE-68 turbine generators driving counter-rotating annular ceramic motors. It has ten M60 machine guns that fire 700 cylic rounds per second. It also has eight NPB-12 Hawkeye HELLFIRE (Helicopter Launched Fire-and-forget) missiles are used to engage air-to-air targets in conjunction with the nose-mounted sensor suite. Hornets carry 190 TK-411 WARFAR (Wrap-Around Fin Rotary Aerial Rockets) in ten 19-tube rocket launchers. They can easily spot Aeronopteryx.


Devoloped by the AWC, the Lockheed-Martin Hydra Assault Ship is a four-rotor VTOL, heavy transport craft and heavy gunship used by the SDA for full-scale military operations against the Destructicons, or as support during small incursions into otherwise hostile territory teeming with vicious megafauna and flora. It is the SDA's most powerful non-nuclear weapon on Earth. The SDA only had one operational Hydra at the time. The Hydra's official name is the Lockheed-Martin SSTO-225 D-class aircraft. There was actually a second Hydra airframe on Sonar's Gate, but most of the main components hadn't arrived from Tennyson Industries. Colonel Lennox led SDA forces with one of these.  The Hydra is much larger, slower, and less maneuverable than an Aeropostiale C-21 Swan. However, with its myriad arsenal of heavy machine guns, dozens upon dozens of rocket and missile pods, and possible complement of door-gunners, it can function as an excellent lead gunship when mainline Hornet Gunships are not around. To prevent potentially catastrophic friendly-fire incidents resulting from careless use of such firepower, all but the door-guns are constrained by friendly fire IFF (Identification Friend-or-Foe) avoidance codes for safety. Otherwise, it acts mainly as a military air transport, utilizing its ability to land numerous AERO Suits, infantry, and other military vehicles across the world. In essence, the Hydra is the military workhorse of the SDA.  

Variety of medium automatic guns, ATG and ATA missiles, incendiary rockets, plus dual and quad gatling gun systems. All gun and missile systems constrained by friendly fire avoidance codes (IFF Lockout).


Developed by SDA, the Aerobatically Engineered Robotic Operator, or AERO suit is a distant descendant of the first military exoskeletons used on Earth in the mid 20th century. It was improved during military service in a myriad of combat theaters– from arctic to jungle to desert– over the decades. Sealed and pressurized models for toxic environments were developed as well.

The human-operated walking machine magnifies the strength and mobility of a soldier or civilian worker while providing protection from military and environmental threats. Unlike fanciful designs in which weapons were integrated into limbs, the AERO suit is a multi-purpose machine, able to duplicate all functions of the infantry soldier. Since soldiers spend much of their time loading and unloading, and performing other tasks besides operating weapons, it was determined that the AERO suit needed the same functionality as a human: two legs, two arms, and highly dexterous hands. This allows not only a wide range of functions, but allows the suit to operate a variety of weapons systems. The suit's weapons are even more lethal than its raw strength. It is heavily armoured, and armed with a huge hip-fired GAU-19 30mm autocannon. GAU-19's are huge 30mm hip-fired autocannon/rotary machine guns. It can fire up to 250 high explosive, armour-piercing or incendiary rounds per minute and has a large bayonet slung under the barrel support. It is used as a "rifle" by the Aerobatically Engineered Mobility Operators. Range and projectile ballistics are reduced due to Sonar's Gate's dense atmosphere compared to Los Angeles, however given the often point-defence encounter profile, this is not seen as a serious disadvantage. The GAU-19 is really a cross between a rotary machine gun and a huge autocannon. The autocannon is on the top, the machine gun is on the bottom. The machine gun is an M61 Vulcan. Ther is current an advanced version built by Scott Tennyson with extra statistics, sonar, flamethrower, satellite, a black repaint, and twin Hydra 60mm chain guns mounted on the wrists computerized by GIL [Genetic Identification Lockout], an auto-security system that analyzes the driver's DNA and genetic code, therefore letting them control the machine. AERO's are indestructible and are engineered with a "walk back" feature so if the pilot is killed, the suit will go back to homebase for repairs. As a last resort, it has a four-foot long knife made of titanium.


Developed by SDA, the Aeropostiale C-21 Swansons are light tiltrotor-craft created by SDA. Swansons are armed only with door guns and detachable rocket pods, and are the work-horses of SDA operations on Sonar's Gate. They are used to transport cargo and personnel to and from isolated sites. A hook point for sling load operations allows the Swan to carry extra cargo.

The Swanson has been in use on Earth for decades. Its various trial runs in Antarctica, the Himalayas, and Honduras proved the aircraft could fly well in thin or thick atmospheres or in extreme temperatures with minimal maintenance. So when the SDA needed a reliable and sturdy aerial workhorse, they naturally chose the field-tested Swanson and hardened its electrical systems to prepare it for the rigors of Sonar's Gate.

The rear cargo doors are normally left open for flight operations on Sonar's Gate, resulting in the need for sidearms for any occupants in the cargo area. The cockpit is separately pressurized and the flight crew can operate without them even with the rest of the aircraft depressurized.

 Swansons uses a pair of ducted fans with coaxial propellers, increasing the lift efficiency while granting excellent maneuverability. Both fans are capable of twisting independently backwards and forwards. Left and right movement is possible by changing the speed of either one of the fans, and the Swanson moves straight by twisting its fans forward.


Ground Assault Vehicle (GAV) JL-727 or Samson is SDA's primary assault vehicle for nearly all terrain.

It has a gyrostabilized platform so when the it travels over rough terrain, the gunner platform is stabilized. The extended gunner's chair can rise up to 3.6 meters above the vehicle to see over obstructions between the gun and the target. The gunner must ride high and unprotected, making him a primary target for the enemy and vulnerable to the smallest attack.

The six tires also have little armor protection, but are themselves made from a hybrid polymer blend, with titanium strands woven throughout, which make them very tough to puncture. For the under carriage, they've designed a 1.25-centimeter thick permalloy armor that expands to two-thirds of an in inch beneath the chassis to protect against the shrapnel from mines.

To protect the driver and spotter, a rudimentary roll bar exists, but it's rare that a Samson rolls over due to the stability of its gyroscopic system. Should it ever happen, gunners have learned from experience it is better to release the safety harness and jump clear, if there is enough time. You’ll be thankful that you left Sonar’s Gate with nothing but the best equipment on six wheels: The Samson. This 6x6 is built to take a bump, with its permalloy armor, and deliver a crushing blow to anything in its path with its four turret-mounted, sixty-millimeter rotary autocannons.


Pretty sweet,huh? see you guys later!

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